**Summer Holidays 2019

_**"At the summer holidays at kaleidoscope I have met some new friends. We also went on trips we went to How hills, Dairy farm and Thetford forest they were all amazingly fun. Also at kaleidoscope a karate man came in to do some karate with us and play some games. Also some Theatre people came and dun a very funny show and in the show some one was saying Stuart was dressed as sponge bob dancing on the playground. I also enjoyed playing lucky bottoms with Emma, Kim, Stuart and my brother. We also played on the wii me and Emma me and Kim and me and my brother we play Mario kart also me and my brother played Mario vs sonic at the Olympic games and on the I pads. Stuart tort us how to play snooker and we played pool so I had a great time." _Gabriela - aged 8

"Over the summer holidays at Kaleidoscope I had a fantastic time. We went to to High Lodge with Stuart, Emma, Sarah, David and Karen. Firstly we did archery then we played on the climbing frame. Me, Erik, Alex and Gabriela climbed the highest it was fun then we had a picnic then went home to Kaleidoscope." Harry- aged 9

_"Over the summer holiday at kaleidoscope I had a fantastic holidays. I had a great time playing games pool and snooker with my friends I met. My favorite trip was when we went to Thetford Forest because I like all the activities we done there especially archery. when we got there, we had archery first and then we went to the music path and tried all sorts of different musical instruments and then we went to have lunch. After we had lunch, we went to play on the play ground with huge slides."_ Erik aged 11